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Cabela's Trophy Bucks 1.0

Trophy Bucks is a software simulation and arcade type gaming program
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Cabela’s Trophy Bucks 1.0 is a software simulation and arcade type gaming program for Wii, Xbox 360, cd-Rom, and Playstation 2 players that offers them a challenging hunting game experience.
Players of this hunting game are challenged with 96 fast-paced hunting missions that take place across 24 simulated states and provinces of the USA. Three hunts are offered to players from each of the regions and one arcade style hunt. There are 4 levels to complete for each of the 24 states. Players are required to extinguish a certain number of game animals and birds in order to move up a level, becoming the ultimate trophy hunter when they complete the game. To achieve this ultimate challenge, players are awarded grades of gold, silver and bronze depending on how well they do. Each game animal or bird is pr-rated from 1 to 5 stars allowing players to learn through playing, choices that enable them to come up with a strategy that will enable them to collect the most points. Going for gold is the ultimate aim.

Cabela’s Trophy Bucks 1.0 features 16 realistically modeled weapons that players can use to hunt with. These are selected from Cabela’s Gun Library. Depending on how players use these weapons, other special features are offered. For instance, if players extinguish an animal or bird quickly, they are awarded a ‘Quick Draw’ special skill that slows time down long enough for them to target early. If they extinguish their targets with maximum integrity, i.e., with one clean shot, players are rewarded with X-Ray vision, which reveals to them the weak spots of their targets. Other earned features include thermal vision; laser guided bullets and the ability to freeze targeted prey. A risk feature for luring animals and birds is included in bonus mini-games, which enables players to use animal calls, however, if they loose the mini-game, their targets become spooked and they risk having their targets run off altogether. Targeted animals and bird game featured include 11 species of deer, wild turkeys, upland bird hunt with hunting dog, and long-range varmint hunting. A mix of simulation and arcade style gaming, Cabela’s Trophy Bucks 1.0 also includes 24 shooting competitions that are based on real-life tournaments.

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